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Selena Gomez: Ellen DeGeneres Show Gifs 2014


81 Gifs of Selena Gomez at the Ellen DeGeneres Show in October 2014. A lot of these gifs are mine so give me credit if you use any of them. The rest I give full credit to the owners. Like if using anything in this hunt :)

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Selena Gomez in the Music Video “Hold On” from the movie Rudderless

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Anonymous asked: Why don't you use your Demi blog anymore?

I don’t really get requests there anymore…

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Anonymous asked: Could you do a gif hunt from the WOWP episode where Alex goes to that comic-con convention type thing and dresses up as Wonderwoman?

I can get working on it :)

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Anonymous asked: How do you set a gif as a header

I would assume just upload the gif?

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Anonymous asked: I dont like selena anymore but i love u so i still follow u And i just réalise that If i send u this u'll probably hate me uh

Honey why would I hate you just because you don’t like Selena… Yes she is my rolemodel and I love her but darling it is okay :) Everyone has their own opinion

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Anonymous asked: Would you mind making icons? Do you still do that?

Of course!! What would you like to have done?